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Denmark Green Card is designed for skilled overseas professional who are looking for a career & life in Europe. Most of the companies in Denmark are facing shortages in getting qualified and skilled employees. Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card program is the pathway for qualified individuals to come in and work and migrate to Denmark permanently.

A Danish Greencard applicant needs to score 100 points to move to Denmark.

Non-European Union skilled migrants with a Danish Green Card are allowed to come to Denmark for 3 years to search jobs. Denmark or Danish Green Card is renewable.

Visa applicant need to meet the eligibility criteria set by Danish embassy. The PR visa would be issued in 6 to 12 months and this will permit you to move to and reside in Denmark. You will be granted a permit to work once you get an employment offer.

Eligibility for Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card

The Danish Green Card/Denmark Green Card is a point based system. You need to score at least 100 points to qualify for the Danish Green Card. AVALON processes applications only of those who score these points, which make us confident of our success.

Points are awarded as per your:

  1. Age for Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card

    Points system awards points if you are below 40 years old

  2. Education for Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card

    Denmark Green Card applicants must have a master degree. Master of engineering, Master of Computer applications, Master of Technology, Master of Pharmacy are some of the master qualifications that earn complete points for Denmark green card

    Denmark publishes a positive list, and if your profession is in the positive list, you get bonus points

    Earn bonus points if you have studied your Bachelor / Masters Degree / PhD from world’s top university.

  3. Work Experience for Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card

    Your work experience will be awarded points as per your experience in last 5 years in a specified field which is in positive list

    Other work experience are also granted points but the minimum experience should be 3 years

Language Proficiency for Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card

  1. Danish Green Card needs documentation of 1 year of complete studies or work in any of the below languages.

    • English

    • German

    • Danish

    • Swedish

    • Norwegian

    IELTS will be an added advantage.

  2. Adaptability for Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card

    You earn extra points if you have worked or studied in any of the EU or EEA countries or Switzerland

    You earn bonus points if you have completed 1-3 years of studies or have worked for 1-3 years in any European or Schengen country

    Earn bonus points if you have studied your Bachelor / Masters Degree / PhD from world’s top university.

Finance Required

A Danish Green Card Applicant must show sufficient funds. The funds should be enough for you to sustain and support yourself and your dependents for the first year in Denmark.

Positive List for Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card

Denmark publishes a Positive List which consists of the professional sectors that are currently experiencing a shortage of qualified and skilled professionals.

Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card scheme gives you 10 points if you have education in any of the occupation listed in the Positive List.

The following occupations are presently in the Positive List.

Engineers: Electrical Engineer, IT Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Building Engineer, Production Engineer, Energy Engineer, Naval Architect

Doctor & Dental: Medical Doctor, Medical Consultant, Dentist, Hospital Doctor, Consultant Doctor/Chief Physician

Other Academic Work: Attorney, Assistant Attorney, Actuary, Pharmacist, Business Controller, Legal Councelor, Conservator, Psychologist, Auditor, Statistician, Financial Controller

IT and telecommunications : IT architect, IT consultant, Programmer and systems developer

Building and construction: Architectural technologist and construction manager

Educational, social and religious work: Pedagogue, Social pedagogue

Health, Health Care & Personal care: Anaesthetic Nurse, Surgical Nurse, Nurse, Medical laboratory Technologist, Chiropractor, Health Visitor, Dental Hygienist

Teaching, Supervision: Primary and lower secondary school teacher

Basic Features of Danish Green Card / Denmark Green Card

Denmark Green Card or Danish Green Card allows you a first time temporary residence permit of 3 years, which can be further extended up to 4 years

Permit can be extended only if you have working for past 12 months for at least 10 hours every week

A Danish temporary residence permit holder for minimum 4 years can apply for a permanent residence permit. The permanent residence permit does not need any extension and allows you to stay for unlimited period

Get Denmark Citizenship or Danish Nationality or Citizenship on continuous stay of minimum 9 years

Your spouse, registered partner or cohabiting partner, and dependent children under the age of 18 are eligible for residence permits. They are also allowed to work for the entire period

Visa Fee

The Denmark embassy charges a application fee for each Denmark Green Card visa applicant.

Denmark Green Card Application Fee :

Single Applicant INR 12850
Dependents INR 12850 each

Verification Charges :

Single Applicant INR 7304
Dependent INR 2107 each

Additional fee payment towards Denmark embassy :

Single Applicant DKK 6485
Dependent DKK 2095 each

Embassy charges are subjected to change without prior notice. Please confirm before submitting the application.

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